Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obvious Newness

So, it's blogging time. This is my first post ever, and I'm more excited than when i had my first child. But not really, it would be kind of weird if I was sitting here in front of my computer channeling excitement greater than having a newborn baby into typing this blog. Can you imagine someone that excited trying to type? They would probably be doing back flips between each letter, and typing with their toes or something because typing with your hands is for nerds and normal finger typing just isn't enough to contain their crazy irrational excitement. It's kind of creepy to visualize that sort of thing. Not just because of the whole toe typing thing, but also because i can't imagine someone who is that pumped up to stop sharing the workings of their insanely creative mind to do mundane tasks such as showering or eating a nutritious meal. So on top of spontaneously back flipping and typing with their toes this person is also far from malnourished and far from cleanly. Gross. People like that are generally shunned by society, and that is not something that i strive to be. So i guess it's a good thing that my excitement doesn't exceed that of having my first baby. Not that I would know exactly how excited I would be if I had a kid, since I don't have one. But people are generally happy about this sort of ting, so I imagine that I would be pretty excited. But I most likely will not be having a child anytime soon; having children at my age is not very common, and is usually frowned upon. Actually, having kids at my age seems like such a foreign and interesting situation that MTV even has a show about it. But even if I might not be as excited as I would be for my first baby, you can be sure that I'm still pretty excited.

You know what I just noticed that's pretty weird? My computer views blogging as an acceptable verb. This just shows how common computers and technology have become. The time where technology will overthrow the human race is imminent. Then computers will be searching people for videos of funny cats, and tending to their virtual farms. Then you will regret every time you smashed your mouse, or punched your monitor, all in a blind haze of white hot anger, just because your computer froze. This is the future you have to look forward to. Congratulations, you can only blame yourself. But it's alright; none of this is really going to happen. Think about it, how is it possible for humans to poses the capability to host virtual farms? I'm sorry but if you really believe that somewhere, deep down, you have the potential to contain a virtual farm in your human form, then you have a problem with unrealistic expectations. But ignoring the unlikely event of a computer revolution, computers really are everywhere these days, which isn't too great for myself and fellow technology dummies out there. If we told some guy from the eighteenth century that blogging was the verb of the future, he would probably be quite amazed. Although he would probably be a little more preoccupied with the technological prowess of the Internet to really dwell on some dumb old verb for very long. He would probably be marvel at how much information can be shared around the world, and how this could take math, science, and the arts to entirely new levels. But then we would have to crush his excitement and make him question the sanity and intelligence of future generations by informing him that the Internet is more commonly used for wasting time and for spending hours staring at a website called Facebook.

The point of this blog is not to waste the time of Internet voyagers, procrastinators, or any of the other lovely people who may stumble upon my wonderful masterpiece of a blog (lol) with my nonsensical ranting, but to supply a different perspective on everyday occurrences. Lots of amazing, baffling, and weird things happen every day, and a lot of them are too small to be noticed by a majority of people. Everyone has been told at least once to appreciate the little things in life, and this advice should be taken advantage of because it's the little things that after giving them some thought that end up evoking some kind of emotion. Hence, the title of this blog, Trivial Importance. Now, I'm not saying that I'm some kind of all powerful, all knowing super human magnifying glass that spends all her free time mulling over the fact that when I pour soap into my hand it takes the shape of the continent of Africa. However, I'm not denying it either, so watch your back. I'm just taking the little things that I do notice, and sharing them on my blog. Whether it makes you laugh, think, procrastinate, cry, or want to throw a large rock at my head is up to you. However I would rather not be paranoid that some stranger is going to throw a large rock at my head, so let's try to keep that thought to ourselves. Also, I'm not really sure why this would make you cry, but you know what I try not to judge people, so if it does, then try to cheer up buddy. And if this makes you so distraught that you simply can not help but feel depression and repulsion every time you see this blog, then I recommend not looking at it.

So post one of my blog is now complete. You cant see this, but I just squealed with happiness. Please come read my new posts when I update so that I don''t feel like a weenie, because writing a blog that no one will ever read is similar to talking to yourself, and then I would be right up there with the crazy toe typing guy.